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Perhaps you’re a mechanical soldier from an epoch where a machine consciousness wiped out its human masters and fell dormant; Maybe you were an ancient bodyguard for a long-forgotten dignitary lost to the winds of time; Or maybe everything about your history and the function you served is as forgotten as that age itself. No matter what you were originally built for, it no longer matters; What matters is that you are a fragment of history displaced into the now, an impossibly advanced machine made of bizarre and nearly unidentifiable materials seeking purpose in a world that thinks you are little more than an automaton. You are large and intimidating, making people wary of you from the outset. Worse, your fragile and complex systems have been ravaged by time, and you wield barely a fragment of the technological might you undoubtedly possessed at your apex. Even so, even a sliver of your former being is more than enough to make you exceptional. Still, you cling to the hope that your former prowess might be realized, for better, or for worse…

You gain the following benefits:

You are large and composed of highly advanced alloys. +4 to Might.
You have sturdy security software and are trained in Intellect defense tasks.
Perspective divide:
You and organics have a hard time seeing eye-to-eye on moral issues, and that influences their opinion of you. The difficulty of all positive interactions with organic creatures is incremented one step to your detriment.
Computing power:
Being a machine, your mind innately processes data faster than most organic brains. +2 to Intellect.
Sturdy machinery:
You’re composed of metal, rather than flesh, and have +1 Armor. However, being mechanical, numenera meant to heal organic matter does not affect you. Instead, you must use much rarer numenera meant to repair machinery, which functions as equivalent level healing numenera for you.
Mechanical vulnerabilities and immunities:
Damaging effects and other threats that rely on an organic system—poison, disease, cell disruption, and so on—have no effect on you. Neither do beneficial drugs or other effects. Conversely, things that normally affect only inorganic or inanimate objects can affect you. Effects that can disrupt machines affect you.
Hyper-advanced systems:
Your core systems house a nanite reservoir that lets you heal, meaning you can use recovery rolls as normal. However, unlike a normal piece of machinery, your systems and materials are too advanced to be simply replaced with parts or repaired conventionally; You must rest or use special numenera to heal. Additionally, you must consume metal in the same way an organic creature must consume organic matter to survive (This metal is used to produce more nanites). A severed or destroyed limb can be slowly regenerated over the course of several weeks or months, during which you must rest and consume much more than normal. You can also consume cyphers, breaking them down, which offer much more efficient sustenance, but beware: Destroying a cypher in such an unsafe way could have consequences, which the GM can use an intrusion to impose.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. Pick one other PC. That character is the one who accidentally reactivated you, and you feel indebted to them.
  2. Pick one other PC. You unsettle that PC deeply, but you have no idea why. The reason can be decided by the other player, or it can be totally irrational.
  3. You organized the group because you believe they can help you get your memories, and maybe some of your former functions, back.
  4. Pick one other PC. You believe, true or not, that that player holds some key to regaining a portion of your past glory, whether they believe it or not.

One thought on “Rebooting

  1. tygertyger says:

    This doesn’t offer anything that the Artificially Intelligent descriptor in Character Options 2 doesn’t give.

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