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You are one of many sons and daughters of a royal family belonging to one of The Nine. You’ve been brought up well with private tutors and access to the best food, library, and military minds where you hail from. You have knowledge of how feudal economies function, and probably believe in the importance of a wealthy and educated upper class. Your desire to meet life on your own terms made your adolescence difficult in court. But now that you’ve finally struck out on your own you could be any type of adventurer. However the habits of royalty and culture will stay with you forever.

You gain the following benefits:

Royalty: Choose one of The Nine countries to belong to.

Privileged Upbringing: +1 to each stat.

Starting Equipment: You begin with a set of perfectly tailored clothing of adamant silk for wearing to court. You also have a ring with an engraving of your family’s coat of arms, effectively a passport in The Steadfast.

Inability: Blending in as a commoner is more difficult for you. Life as a pampered aristocrat makes any attempts of fraud, or deception one level more difficult.

Skills: You are trained in all courtly proceedings, dances, and diplomacy.

    You are trained in the history of each country in The Nine.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. One of the other PCs did a favor for you, and now you’re repaying that obligation by helping her with the task at hand.
  2. Against your better judgment, you joined the other PCs because you saw that they were in danger.
  3. You overheard the other PCs talking about a topic that interested you, so you decided to approach the group.
  4. You need money because your family is in debt.

7 thoughts on “Princely

  1. Michael Fienen says:

    I feel like there’s also room here for a second inability when trying to interact in “lower” social circles, where the PC operates from a belief that he’s “one of the people” maybe, but obviously gets sniffed out very easily by people paying attention. Marty McFly when he first arrives in the old West in BTTF3.

    1. David's Perspective says:

      Not having ever seen the film I take your meaning. My first set of notes just had, Inability: Your formative lives as an aristocrat makes it hard for you to blend in. Attempts to disguise yourself, or hide are one step more difficult. Which I can put back in there. I went with the sort of vague inability as a way to try and give the GM a little push towards dragging the character into unwanted politics. Here’s a character who might go from a nobody spoiled Lord to the next in line for the throne because the chef poisoned the wrong meal and half the royal court is dead or bed ridden for life.

    2. David's Perspective says:

      Hmm. I think there are two different (and maybe they should both be used) inability concepts.

      Inability: Life as an aristocrat has made you trust in the rule of law. Criminal activities are one step more difficult.

      Inability: Your inherent snobbery makes complex social interactions with anyone not of distinguished upbringing or status, one step more difficult. For example, trading with goods and currency is not complex. However, purchasing property or debating with a Judge on the semantics of a law, those are complex interactions.

  2. Andrew Kalmar says:

    Formatting’s messed up.

    1. David's Perspective says:


    2. David's Perspective says:

      Thank you so much. I think I got it fixed.

      1. Andrew Kalmar says:

        Happy to help.

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