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Not all life is made of matter.  You are a being of pure energy, crackling and sparking with a vitality so raw and fierce that even your touch can be dangerous to other creatures. Long ago, your people emigrated from the great cities of the sun to this strange, subdued world for reasons you don’t fully understand, and now you eke out an existence among the matter-bound creatures here to soak up your next meal.

You wear no clothing, for none could survive contact with your form, but you do carry some equipment hardened to resist the heat you produce.  You speak with a crackle and snap of powerful electromagnetic forces as you manipulate air particles to make yourself understood.

You gain the following benefits:

You gain +2 to your Speed Pool.
Electroplasmic Esoteries:
When you perform esoteries, they have a crackling nimbus of plasma, and deal both electrical and heat damage.
You are trained in sensing and identifying energy fields.
Fiery Touch:
The superheated gasses that surround your body are dangerous to the touch.  You inflict two additional points of fire damage when you make unarmed attacks.
You regain one point to a pool of your choice each round you are inside of a strong energy field.  If it is strong enough to deal ambient damage to a normal creature, you instead regain two points per round and increase your maximum pool size by a total amount equal to the damage the field would normally deal.  Your pool size returns to normal after you leave the field.
You need to be inside of an energy field to continue existing.  If you are ever completely separated from all sources of energy, such as inside of a device that dampens such fields, you take five points of Might damage each round after the first.
Although you still interact with the physical world normally, you cannot wear armor.  However, your natural magnetic “skin” grants you a single point of natural armor, and you may wield weapons normally.
Additional Equipment:
You possess an apparently-ordinary backpack that seems completely immune to your body’s sunfire, and a small, five-pound device that emits a weak energy field: enough for you to live on, but not enough to trigger any of your abilities.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. When you were literally starving to the point of dissipation, one of the PCs took pity on you and helped you find a weak energy field to survive.   You follow them around out of gratitude.
  2. You sell your natural expertise with energy fields, and have been contracted to identify anything dangerous to the others.
  3. One of the other PCs has, for reasons you don’t fully understand, sometimes manifested a natural energy field you find you can feed on.  You hope to replicate this trait in other humanoids so that your people can one day fully integrate into the society of the Ninth World.
  4. Despite your disadvantages as a gaseous energy creature in a world of dampened solids, your forceful personality has made you the face and leader of the group.

One thought on “Plasmar

  1. tygertyger says:

    The Charge ability seems a little overpowered to me. It would be fine without the increase to maximum pool size IMO.

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