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[NOTE: Granted, this descriptor is not very Numenera-like. In fact, I didn’t have this setting in mind at all when creating this descriptor. I aimed at a traditional fantasy setting. Of course, who says Pixies DON’T exist in Numenera? It could hail from another dimension where imaginations of peoples long gone still live on. Who knows? Besides, I don’t know any other website where Cypher System stuff is rendered so beautifully. So, here you go.]

A creature from the Feywild, you are one of the Wee people. You look like a tiny elf with butterfly or dragonfly wings, buzzing through the enchanted forest. You are a friend of every animal in the area.

You gain the following benefits:

You are small and not built for physical tasks. -4 to your Might Pool.
What you lack in size and strength, you make up with your reflexes. +4 to your Speed Pool.
You are about 1 foot tall (30 cm). You can only wear small weapons, using both hands. Even weapons like bows or spears fit for your size count as small weapons.
You can fly with normal speed. When on foot your speed is immediate range only. You are trained in all flight tasks.
Pixie Dust (1 intellect point):
By sprinkling your pixie dust over cyphers, artifacts, or other equipment, you can shrink them to match your size. This lasts as long as you have the item by your side. Action.
You can shed light as bright as a torch at will, centered on you. Action.
Your small size makes you a difficult target. That and your great reflexes ensure that you are trained in Speed Defense tasks.
The fact that you can hide behind every leaf result in being trained in all stealth related tasks.
Animals’ Friend:
You are trained in all tasks related to handling animals.
Your frail stature is not built for moving or breaking big and heavy things. The difficulty for all strength-related tasks is increased by two steps.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. After helping the other PCs in a bad situation in your forest, you decided to stay with them.
  2. The PCs rescued you from the grasp of an evil merchant who wanted to sell your wings.
  3. You were curious about the world outside the your forest, an met the PCs in a tavern.
  4. You fell in love with one of the PC’s riding animal.

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