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For whatever reason, you’re an outcast and you are not welcome among normal folk. Perhaps you are hideously deformed, perhaps you have an ailment or committed a terrible atrocity which can never be forgiven. Perhaps you are tainted by some forbidden act and the shame of it makes you cower away from other, better folk. Whatever the reason, wherever you go you are an outsider, barely tolerated at best, despised and driven out at worst.

+2 Might Pool.
You’re trained in surviving alone. You know no-one will come to help you when you fall.
You’re trained in a skill of your choice relating to your reason for being outcast.
You are used to scorn, hatred and bile thrown in your direction. Any attempts at using intimidation or coercion against you regarding the reason for your outcast are one step of difficulty easier to resist.
You have an inability at any positive interactions with decent folk, they naturally despise and detest you.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure:

  1. You wanted to find strangers who might not judge you as others do.
  2. You want to redeem yourself for the horrible things that caused you to become an outcast.
  3. You’ve been alone for so long, you need the company of people, even if they hate you, even if it may mean certain death.
  4. You are struggling to survive on the outskirts of civilisation and need the money.

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