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You are an Omath – a post-biological being of metallic ice, surrounding a fragile biological body. You were a human (or other being), adventurer, or explorer, until you found your way to the depths on Niress. Whether you have died here and were resurrected or whether you have decided to become Omath on your own is up to you. Nowadays, you still keep the memories and knowledge of your past, but you have left your past life behind – and some would say you have left your past life altogether.

This descriptor tries to turn the Omaths from Into the Deep book into a playable race. This is just a rough concept, I am more than open for a discussion and changes)

You gain the following benefits:

Intelligent: +3 to Intellect pool, +1 Intellect edge

Clumsy: -2 Speed pool, -1 Speed edge

Telepathy: Your voice died with your old form. But who needs such primitive things, anyway. You speak using telepathy – you can contact any being within long range as long as you can see it. You can also sense the presence of other Omaths within a long range even if you cannot see them – and they can sense you.

Telekinesis: Your hands are still, resting in the sheen of metallic ice. You use telekinesis as a way to manipulate the world around you. You can use telekinesis to manipulate anything within a short distance. The effort applied to the telekinetic tasks uses Intellect pool rather than Might pool.

Being of metallic ice: You are oblivious to most of the aspects of the environment that otherwise affect alive beings – you don’t breath, don’t feel pressure etc. You are imune to gas, vacuum, deep water etc. The difficulty of all the defenses to cold is decreased by 1 step, but the difficulty of all defenses to fire is increased by 1 step. You have +2 natural armor, but you cannot use any armor or similar items.

Floating: You float. Can fly or swim a short distance each turn.

Strange senses: Your senses operate in a different way than for the other beings. You feel the space around you rather than see it. Your senses work in all the environments and things impairing sight (such as darkness, smoke or fog) have no effect on you. On the other hand, you have no sense of taste or smell and have problems to recognize colours.

Scary: Organic being find your shape strange at best, scary at worst. You have following penalties: -2 to positive interactions and +2 to intimidation tasks to all beings that are not used to your presense. These penalties change to -1 and +1 for beings that got accustomed to Omaths in general.

Slow recovery: Resting replenishes only your intellect pool. Your might and speed pools replenish slowly, by 1 per day. If you are in a cold environment, the speed increases to +2. If you are in Niress, the speed increases tom +5 per day.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. Explorer: You are an Omath ranger, an explorer. You have found a strange group of humans and you feel like they can joining them might benefit your exploration.
  2. Repaying debt: A group saved your life. Whether it was in Niress when you got into clash with vulun or with some other specie during your exploration, you have decided to repay your debt.

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