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You don’t mean to cause trouble or get people’s backs up – it just comes naturally. In the face of any social interaction, you always seem to find a way to pick at other people’s emotional and ethical scabs – although you see your behaviour as more playful than venomous or spiteful. You suppose it comes down to perception and attitude – and others always play so seriously!

Your strengths lie on the social side of the intellectual pool, though you’re not necessarily witless or unintelligent.

You gain the following benefits:

Full of Mischief:
+2 to your Intellect Pool
You’re trained in methods of extrication and calculated avoidance
You’re trained in eliciting negative emotional responses
You’re trained in telling cruel and hurtful tales
You’re too nosy for your own good. Whenever you’re confronted with an opportunity to gather gossip, tell tall tales, or sneak a look through the personal affects of others, the GM may play an Intrusion to take advantage of the fact, without paying any XP.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. You talked your way into the situation because it sounded like an opportunity to misbehave
  2. You noticed one of the other PC’s took an immediate dislike to you, so it seemed to make sense to tag along
  3. You overheard the party seeking to recruit someone else and told tales about their unreliability to claim their spot
  4. You have heard a lot of rumours and gossip about the place the party’s headed, so you couldn’t resist volunteering

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