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Things never seem to go your way. Your life has been plagued by surprises and coincidences that always seem to harm you in unexpected, often painful ways.

+2 Might Pool.
You’re trained in any task involved in overcoming a GM Intrusion.
You’re trained in a skill of your choice relating to your misfortune, such as gambling, healing, or fixing objects.
Harm’s Way:
You don’t need to take an action to Take the Attack (pg 101) – enemies have no trouble choosing you as a target. You can do it for free against one enemy each round.
You may not pay an XP to ignore a GM Intrusion. Also, your Intrusions tend to be spectacularly gruesome, painful, and unlikely.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure:

  1. It’s your bad luck that you’ve become caught up in the trials of this group – destined to endure hardships of all kinds.
  2. You accidentally broke an item if great value that was owned by one of the other PC’s. Now you feel obligated to help them.
  3. One of the other PC’s helped mend one of your injuries and you became friends in the process.
  4. If somebody’s going to get hurt going on this adventure, you might as well be one of them. You’d be hurt or harmed if you stayed at home, anyway.

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