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As a young child, you were infected with Iron-Etch* somehow.  Perhaps a small bit of numenera you played with, perhaps you were simply unlucky, either way you now bear the distinctive circuit traceries of Iron Etch.  Fortunately, over time your body has adapted to the Etch geist and it no longer troubles you.

You gain the following benefits:

Augmented Mind
The resident Etch geist lost any sentience it had long ago, however it now provides you with an easy link to the Datasphere.  Indeed, this link operates below your conscious mind and provides you with extra mental resilience and intelligence.  You have +2 to Intellect.
Circuit Traceries (Inability)
Unfortunately, the metal traceries on your skin provide an ideal path for electricity, diverting the flow into your body.  You take double electrical damage.
Resident Spirit
The Etch geist refuses to allow other Nano-spirits in.  You are immune to all nanite-based diseases.
Sub-conscious Link
You gain +1 to any skills or checks involving nanites or Nano-spirits.  You can also drive out Nano-spirits of a level below your tier.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. You joined this group because you heard rumors of a device that could remove your ingrown circuit traceries and allow you to be ‘normal.’
  2. You banished Iron-Etch from one the PCs and they invited you along on their journey.
  3. In a rare moment of lucidity, your resident Etch geist compelled you to go with this group.
  4. Some of the more superstitious locals were going to have you burned as a Nano-demon (Their term for anything nanite-related and harmful).  A PC saved you and you offered your unique skills towards furthering their quest.

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