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You are knowledgeable of the secret comings and goings of many different cities and regions in both The Steadfast and The Beyond. Your information may come in handy, but it also garners you dangerous enemies.

+2 Intellect Pool
Choose 3 large areas of the world, such as kingdoms of The Steadfast or major regions of The Beyond. Wherever you go, informants pass along information to you about what’s going on in those areas. Some of it’s just rumor, but most of it’s useful to the right person.
You’re trained in interactions that involve gathering information from others.
You are constantly sought after for your information, by friend and foe alike. Your GM never needs to give you and your party XP to make a GM Intrusion that you are attacked, tracked, pestered, or otherwise hindered by those who seek what you know, or wish to destroy you for it. Your GM should make it a point to have this happen at least once per game session.

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  1. Nicholas Johnson says:

    Vaux would be proud 😉

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