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Nestled deep within you lies a creature about the length of your forearm. Worm-like in appearance, this creature, to all intents and purposes, is you. Traveling from host to host you burrow deep into their bodies and reshape them according to your whim. The process of infesting a new host is not pleasant for either party and ensures the death of your last body. Overtime you take full control of your new body and replace all aspects of the person it was before.

You gain the following benefits:

You slither from your warm host body and are free to roam the world as you please in your true form. During the time you are without a host you have only 3 points in every pool. In this form you are specialized in squeezing into small spaced (note that this counts towards infesting targets(see below)) Leaving your host body at any time sends it into seizure. This seizure causes the body to die within seconds of your leaving it making it impossible to infest again.
Any biological creature that you encounter can be infested, but the process of entering the host’s body can sometimes be difficult. Not many creatures will let a giant worm slide into their bodies unimpeded. Roll against the resisting creature (Effort cannot be applied to this) and if the target number is beaten then you have successfully taken up residence. The creature will fall unconscious for a full hour and then awaken under your control. For the purposes of game play, you essentially become the creature and have access to all of its abilities. This only lasts a short time, though. Over the course of three days you alter the genetic structure of the creature and turn its biomass into your original form (the PC you created upon character creation).
Subliminal Pheromone
When exposed to the air outside of a host body, your true form excretes a subliminal pheromone that causes any creature to catch sight of your worm-like body to become instinctively violent towards you. Only people and creatures with a strong willpower are able to resist the urge to destroy you (GM discretion as to who these individuals are). Keep hidden.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. Your host body is dying and you thought one of the adventurers in the group would make a fine replacement.
  2. Always on the lookout for cover for your true nature, you thought the group would do just fine in concealing yourself.
  3. Even though your  nature is parasitic, you still experience the emotions and feelings of your host form. This relationship tends to make you feel the need to be associated with others and so the group seemed like a good idea to be around.
  4. It is mating season for your species and you believe one (or more) of the group to be similarly infested. You have joined out of the hope to mate with another of your kind.

2 thoughts on “Infested

  1. David's Perspective says:

    First let me say, that I think this is a nifty Descriptor. I also like the slimy body as tentacle sex suggested in 4. Very steamy. Dr. Tatiana (‘s Sex Guide for All Creation) would probably approve of this. But I have some questions.

    Is there a part of Expel missing? The second sentence is a little clunky.

    For Infest, I’m not sure how you mean to have it work. Creatures don’t usually have pools, but the detail about effort is probably good to have. However what level does that action occur at, do you infest as a level 8 creature? Is this action an attack, can it be performed as a non combat action if the target is subdued or unconscious?

    Subliminal … pheromone seems rather ruinous.

    I’m assuming that you wish the character (after taking over another creature) to turn back into the Player Character they rolled up with this descriptor? That’s how I’d run it, but I was a touch confused.

    1. Nicholas Johnson says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Ill do some rewriting to see if I cant make it read better

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