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You are not a person in the normal sense. Nor are you a visitant or mutant. But rather an object. Through some strange encounter your mind and consciousnesses has been forced into this object and thus left you… stranger. You see the world differently, however your interactions with it are changed. Any esoteries you use would appear to the rest of your party as just matters of luck or happenstance.

Note: Because this is such a bizarre descriptor(even by Numenera’s standards) it’s heavily advise you work with your GM to properly balance your characters class and focus based off this descriptor. A nano would be best suited to play this role. This is definitely more of a role-play descriptor than it is anything else. One to have fun with.

You gain the following benefits:

You can produce an upgrade for every 2 XP instead of for every 4. It still takes a total of 16 XP to tier up though.
Natural immunity
You are treated as immune to things such as poison gas or lack of oxygen and in some cases hot and cold.
+2 armor
Mental Prowess
You may use twice your allotted effort any time you use effort on an intellect based task. You still must pay they extra price should you choose to do this however.
Pick up to 2 other characters. Until you develop telepathy or another means of communication, you may only communicate with them, and only they are aware that you are more than a common object.
You can not move or communicate of your own accord, you must find others willing to carry you and communicate for you.
You cannot wear or use any kind of equipment, armor or weapons. You may however still use artifacts and cyphers that you seem to store in an extradimensional space until needed.
Because you exist in such a strange state you have certain limits. Both your Might and Speed Pools max out at 10 and thus any further points must be put into your intellect pool.
Should you find a way to communicate to other individuals, any attempt to convince them you are more than just an object is 2 steps harder than normal.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. One of your companions is a small child who always carries their favorite toy. You are said toy.
  2. Your newest allies have discovered what they believe is a powerful artifact and insist on keeping it around until they find out what it does, they may not yet realize you are this artifact.
  3. A characters house has burned down, you are the only thing that survived.
  4. You are a toaster. And who wouldn’t want to bring along one of those?

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