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You stand head an shoulders above everyone else. Your size tends to draw attention to you and your activities, but it and all of the benefits of being a giant have carried you through some harry situations before. In the end, wherever you go, you imposing figure will be the first thing people see.

You gain the following benefits:

You stand anywhere from seven to eight feet tall.
Imposing Figure
Your sheer size grants you and asset on intimidation tasks.
Strength of a Giant
+4 to your Might Pool.
Long Stride
You are trained in all running tasks.
All tasks relating to stealth are two steps harder.
Huge Appetite
You need to consume at least twice the amount of food as everyone else.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. You convinced one of the other PCs to tell you what he was doing.
  2. From afar, you observed that something interesting was going on.
  3. You talked your way into the situation because you thought it might earn some money.
  4. You suspect that the other PCs won’t succeed without you.

2 thoughts on “Huge

  1. Edward Jeanes says:

    I feel like the initial links to the adventure aren’t particularly related to the descriptor (aside from perhaps the second one), but aside from that I think this looks good. You have a positive vote from me.

  2. Steven Gall says:


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