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You are a member of the Clockworkers’ Guild, called a “Horologist”. You are a serious minded, practical thinking, and technically trained individual devoted to your craft. You carry your tools with you and eagerly seek out new challenges. Your motivation is to keep those gears turning.

You gain the following benefits:

+2 to Intellect Pool.
Trained in Clock-making and Gear Repair.
Trained in Astronomy and Navigation.
You are practiced in the use of gear-driven, light, medium, and heavy duty ranged weapons. You receive a +1 to rolls when attacking w these weapons.
Additional Equipment:
A set of light tools for working on clocks and gears and a time-keeping ‘oddity’. Additionally, you have a light, medium, or heavy ranged, gear-based weapon such as a crank-crossbow.
Rigidity of tier advancement. For tier advancement, the Horologist must choose in place of the Skill requirement from the following, in the following order:

  1. Specialize in any clock or machine skill in which they are already trained OR choose the new Ability: Internal Clock. This ability gives the character an internal clock (either by mental practice or via an implanted device) that serves as a mental stopwatch, alarm clock, calendar, etc.
  2. Any option from above OR new Ability: Gear-Speech. This ability costs 2 Intellect points to evaluate problems and necessary mechanical repairs by “speaking” to a device without having to physically examine it, especially useful for hard to reach parts of large machines.
  3. Any option above OR new Ability: Repair Mastery – cost 2 Intellect points to gain asset to a single repair task.
  4. Any option above OR new Ability: God of Gears – cost 1 intellect point plus the difficulty level of task – may repair machine (requires roll) without having to touch the actual parts. GM discretion.

At each tier advancement, members will build or repair a significant (usually large) timekeeping or gear-driven device.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. The mission takes place in an area or at a place known for several unique gear constructions and the guild would like them examined.
  2. You are sure the other characters will need your help at a task for which you are especially suited.
  3. The adventure is headed in a direction of some villages you know to be in need of clock-repair anyway.
  4. The guild has given you orders to get involved; you are not yet sure why.

Horologist is one option in the Secular Monks descriptor pack. Read the complete background, or download the pack.

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