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Hexons are the converted human servants of the Hex, a sentient, malignant nanovirus that seeks to claim territory from other sentients and use it towards its own means. While the true motives of the Hex are unknown, what is known is that it transforms humans by overtaking their bodies with a synthetic second skin made up of dark hexagonal plates with glowing red portions in between. The conversion process erases everything of the former person, from skills to personality, leaving behind only a cold, calculating servant of the Hex with incredible power.

Or so it is supposed to be.

Perhaps your existing cybernetics, nanites, or other augmentations interfered with the conversion process. Perhaps a numenera or a cypher altered the nanovirus as it ate and rewrote your body. Perhaps the Hex simply had a different plan for you, for reasons you may never comprehend. Regardless, you are a Hexon, but you are weaker and more independent than your brothers and sisters. You have faint memories of your former self, and perhaps some emotions and sensations, but the directives of the Hex still echo in your altered mind, whispering to you in your dreams, and sometimes when you aren’t paying close enough attention. The intense pain of your “birth” is still very fresh in your mind, just as you are discovering all of the improvements the virus gave to your body. Are your thoughts truly your own, and you have, through luck or some other act, rebelled against the Hex? Or are you still a pawn, just a different pawn for the Hex than what it normally uses, for an unknown purpose that requires such a drastic adaptation?

You gain the following benefits:

+2 to Armor, but wearing armor provides no bonuses. Also, you may carry 1 extra cypher above your normal allowance.
Formication (Inability):
Your synthskin does not like it when you wear “improper” clothing, and thus attempts to force you to remove them, since it is conditioned to believe such things are not proper for your new state. While wearing any clothes of a non-combat, non-utilitarian nature, including disguises, any action you take, save for positive social interactions, will be one difficulty higher, due to the itching sensations your synthskin provides you. However, if you concentrate on preparing yourself for 10 minutes before putting on such clothing, you can mitigate this effect for 1d4 hours.
Fragmented Self:
You can just barely remember details about your life before you were infected and converted, but enough that you have vestiges of who you used to be. Choose 1 non-racial designator, then one skill or trait from that designator that specifically gives training or a bonus to a Pool or Edge, and one inability that makes a certain type of task more difficult from that same designator. You are now treated as having that skill or trait, and that inability.
Your nanites inside of your body are designed to utilize more exotic materials to facilitate recovery. This means you can swallow inorganic objects that can fit in your mouth without needing to bite them, but they lack any taste. Once per day, by ingesting 1-2 pounds of inorganic matter, you can add 1d4 points to the total of your next recovery roll.

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