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Willingly or not, you find yourself in the middle of an adventure pretty much all the time. There is always a dangerous monster to slay, some wounded people to rescue, or a dangerous artifact that needs to be disabled. Probably all of the above, maybe even on the same day. But you know how to keep a level head in the middle of a crisis, and you always decide to act instead of just standing by and watch things unfold. You think it’s your duty to be the hero, and you probably leave the Ninth World a better place because of it.

You gain the following benefits:

+2 to your Might Pool.
You are trained in all non-combat tasks while under immediate danger or intense pressure, such as preventing a reactor meltdown or climbing a rope while being fired upon by enemies.
You are trained in all social interactions that involve convincing other people of your honest intentions or trustworthiness.
You are trained in all Speed defense tasks.
You plunge into any kind of situations without a second though, or maybe you are a bit naive and think the Ninth World to be a better place than it really is. The difficulty of any task that involves noticing danger is increased by one step.
Additional Equipment:
You carry 50 extra feet (15 m) of rope

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. You saved the life of another PC and you two stuck together ever since.
  2. You think that another PC is responsible for an incident that almost killed you, and you joined the group to gather proof of that.
  3. There is something you have to do, and you can’t pull it off alone. You joined the other PCs to evaluate their potential as future allies.
  4. One of the PCs saw you fail at something important before and you joined the group to convince him/her of your worthiness.

One thought on “Heroic

  1. Arne Haschen says:

    Originally I wanted to make this a +2 Might/+2 Speed descriptor, but I think that the danger-skill is so broad in potential application that it can’t be judged as a narrow skillset anymore, hence only +2 Might.

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