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You’re a naturally helpful person, with a strong conviction that we’d all be better off if we worked together. You’re naturally talented at fitting into a group in ways that provide assistance.

+2 Intellect Pool.
Helping Hand:
Whenever you take the Helping action (pg. 101) to assist someone, you always count as higher skill level than them, thus decreasing the difficulty of their task by one no matter what.
Whenever you attempt a Complementary Action (pg. 101) to dovetail with someone else’s action,you both always enjoy the +2 bonus when you do so, even if you aren’t skilled at what they’re doing.
You’re trained in convincing others to accept your help.
You believe in giving people a chance to join your community, or otherwise prove themselves helpful. This makes you somewhat gullible. The difficulty of any task involving noticing deception or lies is one higher for you.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure:

  1. You’ve noticed that the PC’s could really use your help.
  2. You’ve helped one of the other PC’s in the past and seek to establish a longer term working relationship.
  3. You’ve taken to mentoring one of the other PC’s.
  4. One of the other PC’s convinced you to join, and you fell for it despite the dangers.

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