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You are on the run!

Perhaps you are a dastardly blackguard who revels in the crime you committed; perhaps you are (or were) a hapless innocent caught in the machinations of a devious enemy; or, perhaps you are guilty of a crime of conscience – regardless, you have been marked out for punishment.

You gain the following benefits:

Swift Getaway
+2 to your Speed pool.
Skill (Skulking)
It is best for you to keep a low profile – you are trained in stealthy actions.
Skill (Paranoia)
Having been hunted for so long, you are constantly on the lookout – you are trained in perception actions.
Skill (Desperado)
You are living on the edge, and will do what it takes to survive – your intimidation actions are one step easier.
Inability (Shifty Customer)
Perhaps it is your clothing, or your furtive manner, but law-abiding folk find it difficult to trust you. The difficulty of a persuasion, charm, and etiquette action is increased by one step.
Equipment (On the Run)
You have been forced to flee – you have nothing with you except a weapon, the clothes on your back, 10 shins, and your cyphers (kept “for emergencies”).
Special (GM intrusion)
Discovered! At the GM’s discretion, you encounter an individual determined to make you answer for your crime; this might be a bounty hunter (in a wilderness location) or a town guard. Intrusion cannot be refused, and brings no XP.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. You need to get out town fast, and have joined a group hoping to hide in their midst
  2. Your crime was one of conscience, and you have thrown yourself on the mercies of the group, hoping they will help you escape your pursuers
  3. By raising funds adventuring, you hope to be able to bribe the relevant officials to ignore your crime.
  4. You know bounty-hunters will soon be on your trail, and need some warm bodies to stand between you and retribution.

2 thoughts on “Fugitive

  1. Gustavo Sicoli says:

    Very cool descriptor, man! I’d totally like to play a fugitive.

  2. tygertyger says:

    This is very well thought out. At first I thought it was a bit OP… and then I got to the disadvantages. Well done, Mark!

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