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Due to your talent, bravery, or random luck, people from all over have heard your name.  You can’t go anywhere civilized without people hounding you for an autograph or challenging you to a duel.  It’s a nightmare.

Imposing Presence
+2 to your Intellect Pool.
You are trained at all tasks involved in dealing with crowds, such as leadership, group intimidation, and being entertaining.
Whenever you go to a town of 100 people or more, you have fans there, willing to help you out.  This will play out differently at different places, but you’ll always enjoy a helping hand here and there.  You often get food for free and items at a discount.
In every town of 100 people or more, there’s somebody there who hates you or wants to bolster their reputation by defeating you.  In civilized areas such as this, you always have at least one enemy, often one you’ve never met, doing their best to harm you.
Additional Equipment
10 shins given to you by an adoring fan.

Choose one of the following as your connection to the starting adventure:

  1. One of your admirers brought this situation to your attention and you feel obligated to help.
  2. One of the other PC’s is a fan of yours.
  3. You defeated one of the other PC’s in a duel.  Now you’re best friends.
  4. A rival of yours is behind this.  You know it!
Note: this descriptor is part of the Negative Descriptors pack from Ryan Chaddock

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