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You believe you are the reincarnation of a perfect being destined to spread loose feet, love, and peace wherever you go. Your goals are to entertain large crowds of people, eat heartily, and fall in love. You also have a hankering to gamble, drink, get into fights, and go to outer space. Most people think you’re crazy but your nothing but a hound dog. Most Elvis (impersonators) are best suited as Jacks.

You gain the following benefits:

You are trained musically, couples counseling, and knowledge: theory of evolution, also music theory.

Hail to The King (2 Speed)
You may make an ambush attack with a weapon even if not hidden. Hail to The King can not be used in combat, only to start combat.

All Shook Up (2 Speed)
If you would be stunned, and or dazed, make a speed defense test against the source. If successful you are not affected by the stun or daze affect.

Additional Equipment
You start with a pair of Blue (Adament silk) Shoes, a pair of sunglasses, a musical instrument, and a Vestige of Elvis. A Vestige of Elvis is a worn vest with shiny stones embedded that grants the wearer training in social defense actions.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. You’ve been providing couples counseling to two of the PCs.
  2. You were invited as a minstrel to provide entertainment on the PCs journeys.
  3. You and the PCs are just doing the best you can, and you’ll be together until it’s time for you to go.
  4. The PCs and you share a love of sandwiches. They are worthy and must be protected until that happy day when Elvis comes to lead you all to Graceland.

10 thoughts on “Elvis

  1. MalignantMind says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about this one. Balance wise it seems mostly fine. Might work in a more comedy style game. Especially with some other conspiracy style descriptors/foci. But in a more serious game, I’d backhand a player for trying to use this.

    1. David's Perspective says:

      I toned it down a lot. But I don’t know. I feel like I should delete this and make one NPC who embodies the jokes better. After trying to make it work I don’t think it could ever work as a descriptor.

      1. MalignantMind says:

        I think it’d work better as a NPC. But one that doesn’t just blatantly scream “Hey I’m Elvis!”. Make it subtle. It’ll be even better when someone picks up on it.

  2. TT says:

    Made me chuckle, but no.

    1. David's Perspective says:

      Yea. I got carried away. It also doesn’t help that I’m trying to reference like three different references to Elvis in pop culture. I’m glad you laughed but now I feel embarrassed by this creation.

  3. David's Perspective says:

    Can it be deleted? I don’t really want to waste the communities time it seems like every day more people are down voting this, giving it a worse ratio than blessed.

    1. Michael Fienen says:

      Yeah, I’ll take care of it in just a bit. I’ll keep a copy archived if you ever want to resurrect it for something else. FWIW, I thought it was fine for a laugh.

      1. David's Perspective says:

        I’m sorry but what does FWIW, mean?

        There was a picture of Elvis’s abduction posted to the gmail+ group that inspired me. I think I’ll try and work up a more complex joke/hook with an NPC but for right now I’d appreciate it if this wasn’t distracting anyone.

        1. David's Perspective says:

          I believe it stands in, For What It’s Worth.

          I mean I appreciate the dedication of the fan base to continue down voting it but I don’t really think it’s fair to be wasting their time on this (apparently) sub par material, even for a laugh.

      2. David's Perspective says:

        I’d like to follow up on my request. Is there anything else you need from me?

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