Ecotechnologist : Descriptor

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You’ve always felt at home both in civilization and in the natural world, elated and refreshed to be out in the field while appreciative of and comfortable with your amenities at home. Being in tune with nature and civilization has unlocked to you a healthy life style keeping you fit, but not agile. Used to patiently observing your environment from afar, you often grow stiff and are less nimble than your companions as a consequence. You might take to wearing colors that help you blend with your environment and feel uneasy when tusked like a grorthas, or otherwise standing out. Regardless, the fringes of your clothes are typically frayed and worn, or you might even carry a handy tool set on you at all times for fixing or “dissection” purposes.

You gain the following benefits:

Naturalist: +3 to your Intellect Pool

Healthy: Add 1 to the points you regain when you make a recovery roll.

Additional Equipment: You have dozens of vials, pens, and yards of tape for containing and labeling samples from field research, as well as a leather-backed journal you write your notes in.

Skill: You are trained in tasks involving botany, zoology, and mechanics

Skill: You’re trained in all tasks involving identifying or using natural plants

Inability: The difficulty of all movement-related tasks is one step higher for you

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. You need the money to fund your studies
  2. You believed the Mission would yield valuable information about the destination’s local ecosystem
  3. You believed that the task might lead to important and interesting discoveries
  4. One of the other PCs asked you to come along because of your knowledge

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