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Due to a traumatic experience in your past you suffer from a delusion of some kind. You probably have a tendency to make either an extreme claim to physical prowess or exclaim that you are a skilled master of combat. Delusion can take many forms. Your clouded mind has unique strengths you are not aware of. Over time people may begin to distrust your character beyond the scope of your delusion.

You gain the following benefits:

Disbelief: The first time your intellect pool would take damage in an encounter, the damage is ignored.

Stat :+1 to a random stat when you go up Tiers.

Skill: Choose one skill. Make a private note between you and the DM. You do not have training in this skill however your character and all characters are lead to believe you are specialized in it.

Inability: You will only succeed with this skill on a roll of twenty (20) against a difficulty of 7 or less.

Inability: The skill you are delusional in requires eight XP to receive training in. After becoming specialized in your delusional skill you will roll normally with one exception. You will succeed against a difficulty of 7 or higher on a roll of twenty (20), otherwise you succeed or fail normally.

Inability: If you lose your lucky charm you will need to create or find a new one. Until you do your rolls of twenty have no abnormal successes.

Inability: Your character can never admit to their own delusion.

Additional Equipment: A lucky charm. An oddity chosen by the DM which you’ve had as long as you can remember. In fact it is tied to your traumatic experience. Losing it will cause you great emotional strain. The oddity is often tied to your delusion.

Additional Equipment: You will have all the necessary tools to perform your delusional skill. If the skill is disguise, you will have a disguise kit and your oddity would likely be a transforming tunic or hat which aids in your disguise.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

1. One of the other PCs asked your opinion of the mission, knowing that if you thought it was a good idea, it probably wasn’t.
2. You saw a way to prove yourself by joining in what the other PCs were doing.
3. You believed that the task might lead to an improvement in your skills.
4. Someone requested that you take part in the mission to sabotage the mission.

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