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You are a conniving and devious individual who always endeavours to remain one step ahead of your enemies. You are given to grandiose schemes and elaborate plots to further your cause, though these are often undone by your own hubris. You likely cultivate a sinister, aloof demeanour – perhaps growing a big, black moustache (if you are a traditionalist).

You gain the following benefits:

You are ceaselessly plotting for advantage, +2 Intellect points.
Skill (tinkerer):
You have an eye for machines – they are often useful in your machinations. You are trained in all tasks pertaining mechanical devices and contraptions.
Skill (ruthless):
You cultivate a sinister air: you are trained in intimidation tasks.
Skill (overly elaborate and complex plan):
No plan is complete without a way to incapacitate your foe (how else will they get to hear the details of your masterful scheme?). You are trained in all tasks involving ropes and in the construction of traps.
Inability (megalomaniac):
You are obsessed with your own brilliance and power, and have a tendency to gloat over your prowess. The difficulty of any task involving initiative is increased by one step, as you give into the temptation to explain to your foe exactly why they will fail.
Inability (large ham):
No matter how much you try to hide, you are a showman at heart and cannot resist any opportunity to grandstand. Stealth and disguise actions are one step more difficult for you.
You carry a 50ft (15m) rope.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. You have managed to weasel your way into the trust of at least one of the other PCs, who has invited you to join up with the group. This likely fits into a wider scheme for advancement that you have in mind.
  2. One of your grand schemes has come crashing down about your ears, leaving you facing humiliation, imprisonment, or some other – perhaps more permanent – punishment. The PCs and their mission offer a convenient way to flee.
  3. One of the other PCs caught you in a highly illegal action. Rather than betray you to the authorities, they have blackmailed you into helping them with the current mission. You agreed, but are likely plotting an elaborate revenge …
  4. You have discovered an interesting secret that you would like to explore further, and manipulated the current group of PCs into joining up to help you with this task (this may be related to the current mission – if not, this mission has derailed your plans, and you seek to get things back on track).

One thought on “Dastardly

  1. tygertyger says:

    OK, this is funny! Even better, it’s actually a usable descriptor. A bit OP, perhaps, but that’s in keeping with the theme. The “initial link to the starting adventure” section is the best part.

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