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You’re ready to set out into the Ninth World and prove what you’re made of. You’ve got skills, equipment, and the boldness to make something of yourself in this world.

+2 to your Might Pool.
You’re trained in resisting fear.
You’re trained in dangerous feats, such as blindly leaping chasms and climbing without rope.
You’re trained in Speed defense.
At times you forget danger and bravely plunge into situations without a thought. The difficulty of any task involving noticing danger is increased by one step.
Additional Equipment:
You begin with an explorer’s pack. If you already have one you can instead begin with an extra Oddity you’ve found on your past adventures.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure:

  1. You bravely rescued one of the other PC’s from danger.
  2. You stuck your nose into someone else’s business, getting yourself recruited to join in the process.
  3. Your reputation as an adventurer proceeded you, and you were found by those looking for help.
  4. It was your idea to join up, bravely facing the dangers of the world together.

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