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You’re always putting yourself and others into danger.  You just don’t have the same level of mortal fear that others do.  Your bravery can be a blessing, but often your recklessness makes things a little more exciting than your friends necessarily want.

Quick to Action
+2 to your Speed Pool.
You are trained at tasks involved in resisting fear effects.
You are trained in athletic tasks that involve taking significant risks.  The consequences of failure should be 3 damage, at minimum, to gain this benefit on the roll.
Your GM may, as an Intrusion, cause you to decide that a situation that’s clearly out of your depth is completely within your ability.

Choose one of the following as your connection to the starting adventure:

  1. You decided the adventure is going to be easy and talked everyone else into it.
  2. You heard the adventure might be dangerous, which sounds like fun to you.
  3. You consider one of the other PC’s to be your sidekick, so you’ve brought them along or followed them into this adventure.
  4. This isn’t an adventure for you, it’s just a normal day in the life of a dangerous person.
Note: this descriptor is part of the Negative Descriptors pack from Ryan Chaddock

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