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You’re a klutz.  What can you say?  You’ve always been one.  Things don’t always go bad for you, but when they do it’s usually because you dropped the ball (sometimes literally).

Old Scars
+2 to your Might Pool.
You are trained in healing tasks.  You treat your own wounds often enough.
You are trained in any non-combat task involved in dealing with physical consequences, such as tumbling to mitigate falling damage, recovering from diseases, or removing a limb from a trap.  “I’m fine.  Totally fine.  Don’t worry about it.  Happens all the time.”
You suffer a one step penalty on non-combat Speed tasks involving manual dexterity, such as catching objects or avoiding pitfalls.  Additionally your GM Intrusions tend to be about you dropping something, tripping, or otherwise making a fool of yourself physically.
Additional Equipment
Healing kit with extra bandages.  An oddity which you consider “lucky” but that never really helps.

Choose one of the following as your connection to the starting adventure:

  1. You stumbled into this situation through a series of unfortunate, though hilarious, events.
  2. One of the other PC’s is always there to look out for you.  It rarely helps though- you still always get hurt.
  3. You suspect that your clumsiness is a result of some Numenera effect.  Maybe through adventuring you can find a way to cure it.
  4. You broke something valuable that didn’t belong to you.  You need shins fast so you can pay back those you owe.
Note: this descriptor is part of the Negative Descriptors pack from Ryan Chaddock

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  1. Anthony Martin says:

    very cool, well done

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