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You are a denizen of a subterranean world, and the wide open spaces of the surface are strange and foreign to you. Strictly speaking, you are still human – but you display a number of distinctive adaptations to this underground existence: your skin is likely pale and wan, your eyes large, and your fingers long and nimble.

You gain the following benefits:

Skill (acute hearing):
A legacy of generations of subterranean life, you possess enhanced aural capacities. You are trained in perception tasks.
Skill (silent movement):
Many underground predators rely upon sound or other vibrations to track their prey. Years of avoiding their attentions have left you adept at careful, quiet movement. You are trained in stealth actions.
Skill (spelunker):
You are adept at moving through the tight confines of caverns and tunnels; you are trained in climbing tasks, and in any activities involving squeezing through small apertures
Tunnel vision:
Your eyes are adapted to the perpetual darkness of your underground life – you can see clearly in darkness and very dim light.
Inability (debilitating glare):
The difficulty of any task in normal or dim light conditions is increased by one step, unless you take measures to shield your eyes.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. Your underground community is facing a grave threat – perhaps from disease, from a mysterious subterranean predator, or from the effects of a numenera device disturbed by their explorations or tunnelling. You left the familiar confines of the cavern to search for aid.
  2. You encountered one (or more) of PCs when they ventured underground in search of numenera treasures, and found your community. Inspired by their tales of aboveground adventure, you joined up with them and left your homeland.
  3. You committed (or were accused of committing) a grievous crime in your tightly-knit community. You chose to leave rather than face the consequences that would be meted out and now wander the surface looking for employment.
  4. In the course of your underground explorations, you happened upon an intriguing numenera item or discovery. You ventured to the surface in an attempt to persuade a suitable expert to help you investigate further, and encountered the PCs.

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