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You are a sheltered monk, a “cenobite” – an educator, healer, and especially a philosopher. You do study subjects of practical application, but your focus is on the theoretical. You and your fellows operate schools and hospices within self-contained and self-sufficient estates (claves). Your motivation is encountering new ideas and pondering them.

The Cenobites would be especially attractive to Nanos (for their pursuit of truth and understanding) and Glaives (especially those trained without armor and weapons).

You gain the following benefits:

+2 to Intellect Pool
+1 to Might and Speed pool
Trained in medicine and healing arts (+1 to the recovery rolls of one treated by this monk)
Trained in mathematics, physics, and logic
Trained in one other area of knowledge or in a specific task relevant to monastic life
Does not own property or money. Starts game with no shins, no armor, and 1 less weapon than normally allowed. Equipment used is considered to be on loan from the clave and anything acquired outside is expected to be donated to worthy parties or brought back to the clave.
Sheltered life – will be at a disadvantage outside the monastic setting. The game mechanic can be arranged by the GM (-1 to all rolls involving new experiences until 3 XP are paid for a “familiarity” with the outside world)

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. The clave needs money to continue its lofty pursuits; this seems like the best way to help your fellow monks.
  2. The mission is part of a larger, elaborate Cenobite goal, and you have been tasked in ensuring its success.
  3. You have lost your faith at least temporarily, and have decided to leave the order for a while, joining the other players will give you some direction.
  4. The other PCs stopped at your clave to recuperate and look like they could use the help going forward; the elder of your clave blessed your parting.

Cenobite is one option in the Secular Monks descriptor pack. Read the complete background, or download the pack.

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