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You don’t know when it started, but you seem to want to be the supporter of others and provide for them. Direct confrontation is something you try to avoid or help to resolve quickly. Harmony and peace are your values.

You gain the following benefits:

+2 Intellect Pool
You are trained in any task involving non-esoteric, once-per-day healing on allies. (excludes recovery roles)
Pick a childhood toy. As a child, you were fascinated with taking this type of toy apart and (attempting) putting them back together that your skill with repairing anything similar to this toy is decreased by one step.
Physical pain saddens you, upon taking 3 or more damage on a single hit, the difficulty of your next role is increased by 1.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. A friend you care about decided to embark on this journey and invited you, your heart wouldn’t let you say no.
  2. You want to finally venture out into the world and this is an opportunity that you have capriciously decided upon taking.
  3. You had mixed feelings about life and you let impulse decide.
  4. You felt that your life was mundane and you wanted to go on an adventure.

One thought on “Caring

  1. Nobilis says:

    The inability is a bit self-centered.

    Suggestion: For one round after _witnessing_ a friend (i.e. party member) becoming injured, increase all difficulties by one. This lasts for two rounds after witnessing a friend becoming debilitated, or three rounds after witnessing them being killed. This disability does not affect healing actions.

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