Blue Murden : Descriptor

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Blue murden are an offshoot of the murden species, so named for having dark blue feathers and down, rather than black. The differences between the blue murden and their more common cousins does not end there. Blues possess a somewhat different culture, valuing the flock over all else. They believe that the community is best served through negotiation and trade, both within and without. Though blue murden suffer from a crow-like desire for shiny things, they usually express this through an enthusiasm for commerce, rather than crass thievery and banditry.

Physically, blue murden are rather similar to the more commonly encountered abhuman species. The major difference, besides their plumage, is a divergence in the way their psychic powers manifest. Blue murden do not create the same mental static that other murden do and they are vastly more adept at telepathy. Blue murden find it easy to convey almost any idea through telepathy, even with animals, and can maintain a telepathic conversation for many hours on end.

Due to their less hostile nature, blue murden are less mistrusted throughout The Steadfast, especially by those who have traded with them in the past. Though they are known for driving a hard bargain, many traders seek them out, for they often have interesting wares to trade. However those who are not so open minded are quite common and the fact that blue murden can only communicate telepathically makes them constant outsiders. It’s not uncommon for them to be attacked on sight in some communities.

Generally blue murden do not get along well with the other murden of the world. Though they can speak telepathically with each other, they have such divergent cultures that their interactions almost always end in violence. The common murden see the blues as condescending traitors and often do their best to rid the world of them when they can.

Your massive eyes and slightly paranoid nature grants you an Asset on all perception tasks.
You may speak telepathically with any living creature within Immediate range of you. If used on an animal, your interactions are very much limited by the intelligence of the creature. Insects and other relatively mindless creatures are almost impossible to communicate with. Though normally you may only speak telepathically with one being at a time, this is not true when speaking to crows, with which you’re capable of having group conversations. For this reason some blue murden employ entire murders of crows as spies and scouts.
Mind Spike (2 Intellect points):
You attack a living foe with your mind, doing 4 damage at up to Long range. This attack causes nose bleeds and headaches for your target and anyone within Immediate range of you when you activate it. Action.
Trade Culture:
You are trained in negotiation and item appraisal tasks.
Speech Problem:
You cannot speak The Truth language, though you comprehend it.

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