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What does blood taste like? How does it feel when it runs down your arms and drips from your fingertips? These are the type of thoughts that usually pass through your mind. Every waking moment is spent fantasizing about blood. How it pumps through biological creatures, the way it sustains life itself and of course how wonderful it would be just to see it arc through the air as it leaves its fleshy prison. Being bloodthirsty can cause you to become a sadistic murderer, a twisted priest who delights in the screams of his sacrifice, or maybe even a barbaric warrior who lusts after the bloody demise of her foe.

You gain the following benefits:

Red Strength: +2 to your Might pool.

How Blood Works: You are trained in all interactions with subjects that would require knowledge of blood or its properties.

Bloodthirster: Upon spilling blood for the first time in the day (must cause at least 4 damage), you become enthused with manic delight and gain a single asset on any task relating to either combat, or intimidation. This asset will only last for the next minute after the initial bloodletting.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. You recently committed a murder and the group has come to investigate. You joined in an attempt to dissuade their search for answers.
  2.  You accidentally (or purposely) tasted the blood from one of the party members. It left you with such a rush that you are now addicted to it and have come along just for the chance to drink more of it.
  3. A cult of blood magic has been operating in the surrounding area and your expertise on the subject led the party to adopting you into their fold.
  4. Hoping to leave behind your violent urges, you joined the group to move away and start again. So far it’s not working.

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