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You are an automaton, but of a very special kind – rather than being constructed from metal and synth, you are an entirely organic construct. Your physiology has been enhanced and refined relative to that of a typical human, and you possess senses beyond the ken of most ordinary people. You may not be aware that you are a constructed creature, and have little real understanding of the source of your unusual abilities; alternatively, you might be a vat-grown organism, well aware of your strange heritage.

You gain the following benefits:

You have + 1 to each of your pools
Non-human Senses
You have been engineered with an extra-human sense of some kind. With the GM, choose a suitable additional sense – perhaps you can detect infra-red or ultraviolet radiation, or can sense electromagnetic fields, or can perform complex elemental analyses of chemicals.
Unique Biochemistry
You have a highly unusual biochemistry, resulting from the unique circumstances of your creation. You do not need to eat or drink, but should instead choose (in discussion with the GM) some other substance vital to your survival.
Unusual Excretion
Your body processes chemicals in an idiosyncratic fashion and, consequently, your excretions are a little more peculiar than most: for example, producing bright green tears, oozing a waxy red substance from your pores, or vomiting up a sweet-smelling viscous blue fluid. Your chemical effluvium should also have a single unusual property – perhaps it is an oily lubricant, a soporific chemical, a mild poison, or an alcohol liquid (discuss with the GM).
Chemicals, drugs, and poisons usually affect you as they would a typical Ninth-World human. However, on occasion you experience highly unusual reactions to these substances: when you encounter or imbibe them, the GM may choose to introduce a GM intrusion that does not award any XP (as if you had rolled a 1 on a d20). This intrusion deals with your response to the chemical: the alcohol beverage served at that important banquet causes you to start hiccoughing noxious black clouds or your system is particularly susceptible to a certain poison.

About 50% of the time, however, these intrusions should offer you an advantage: the drug intended to incapacitate you wears off much more quickly than it should or you find you can breathe the noxious fumes with little ill effect. The GM may still use ordinary GM intrusions (that award XP) based on your interactions with chemicals, if they so choose.

Alienage (inability)
You have always felt that you do not truly belong – you find it difficult to comprehend the motives of ordinary humans. Any action involving seeing through deceptions, working out true motivations, or interpreting social scenarios is one step more difficult for you.
Unsettling (inability)
You are a disconcerting individual, with a distinctive non-human heritage. Indeed, it is difficult for anyone to place you – you are obviously not an abhuman, and neither do you closely resemble the true mutants of the Ninth World (though naïve folk may mistake you for one). You suffer a one step difficulty penalty on any pleasant social interactions.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. After you were targeted by xenophobic locals, one of the PCs intervened to save you from a beating (if not worse). Out of gratitude, you decided to offer your services to the group.
  2. You are good friends with one of the PCs, who knows of your unique abilities. Thinking that you would offer an invaluable edge in the mission, they invited you to join the group.
  3. You have been stricken with a strange ailment, a chronic disease that does not seem to infect ordinary humans. Although not yet particularly debilitating, you have ventured forth to find a cure, and became caught up in the adventure.
  4. Through your unusual senses, you became aware of a useful lead relating to the mission. You assembled the group in order to take advantage of this lead.

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