Bestial : Descriptor

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You are more – or less – than human, and profoundly atavistic.

Your large, hulking frame and immense strength make you stand out in any crowd.

Your hair is probably thick, coarser, and more abundant than that of the average person, and you may well possess other ‘bestial’ traits: your nails might be long and claw-like; your canines almost fangs; or your eyes occasionally glow with a lambent menace.

You gain the following benefits:

Animalistic Strength
+4 to your Might pool.
Skill (Dirty Fighting)
You fight without restraint, a whirlwind of biting, scratching, and headbutting; you do +1 damage when fighting without weapons.
Skill (Animal Senses)
Your senses are finely honed; you treat all actions relating to tracking as one step easier.
Skill (Animal Instinct)
You possess the wariness of a wild creature; you are trained in perception actions, if these pertain to the detection of hidden creatures or persons (GM’s discretion).
Inability (Bestial Aspect)
Your appearance, behaviour, and even smell betray your savage nature. People are commonly uncomfortable in your presence, even to the point of repulsion. Pleasant social interactions are one step more difficult for you.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. Noticing your intimidating stature, one of the group members asks you to join their party, for protection.
  2. Following an unusual – and strangely attractive – scent, you were led to the party. You can’t yet pinpoint its origin, but feel the need to remain close.
  3. Your animal blood stirs, and you are restless – you needed to get on the road, and this party seemed to be heading your way.
  4. You are feeling a more-than-usual sense of unease – something momentous is going to occur. You start looking for a party to help you deal with whatever is coming …

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