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You are a hearty, down-to-earth, and frank individual, who enjoys the more corporeal pleasures – if given a strong drink, an ample meal, and the opportunity to flirt and carouse, you could ask for nothing more. While some more ‘rarefied’ types may find you coarse, you are generally well-liked and manage to create a favourable impression amongst ordinary townsfolk.

You gain the following benefits:

Redoubtable prowess:
Your endurance and capacities outstrip those of most people, +2 Might points.
Ribald wit:
You are a personable and funny character, +2 Intellect points.
Skill (earthy constitution):
You are a strongly-constituted, robust individual, well able to hold your own in drinking competitions and other tests of physical endurance. You are trained in Might Defence actions.
Skill (risqué repartee):
You display a comfortable attitude to matters of sex and sexuality; you are trained in flirtation and seduction actions.
Inability (indecorous):
You are given to inappropriate commentary and excessive behaviours. Actions dealing with etiquette, diplomacy and restraint are one step more difficult for you (GM intrusions dealing with your lack of decorum are encouraged!)

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. One of PCs encountered you holding forth to a crowd of eager listeners. Thinking that someone of your character would be a welcome addition on a long journey, they invited you to meet with and join the group.
  2. You have made a serious social faux pas, offending a local noble, important merchant or town official – this may have been merely a case of inappropriate joking, but could also have included more serious indiscretions with a spouse. In any event, you find yourself in urgent need of a way out of town …
  3. Flirting with an important local figure, they let slip some interesting information that may prove profitable, if it can be correctly exploited. You assembled this group of PCs with tantalising hints of this information, and aim to head out to take advantage of the situation.
  4. You have long desired to head out into the world to see what new experiences await you – the departure of this group of PCs, and their willingness to have you accompany them, offers you an opportunity to do just that.

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