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You are lithe and athletic, with quick hands and sure feet – you can climb with ease, leap with grace, and take a fall with aplomb.

Perhaps you are a physical performer of some kind; a dancer, a tumbler, or a juggler – if you considered running away to join the circus, you’d be guaranteed of a warm welcome!

You gain the following benefits:

+2 to your Speed pool.
Skill (Acrobatic)
You are trained in acrobatic feats such as climbing, jumping, tumbling, and balancing.
Skill (Fast Reflexes)
You are quick to react to any threat; you are trained in Speed defense.
Skill (Knife-Thrower)
You have quick hands and a sure eye; you are trained in knife-throwing.
Inability (Fragile)
You are graceful and athletic, but fragile; you suffer a -1 penalty on your recovery rolls, and are (at the GM’s discretion) vulnerable to illnesses.
Additional Equipment
Carries 8 throwing knives, and a rope.

Initial Link to the Starting Adventure: From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.

  1. You were performing at a venue frequented by one (or all) of the group; your display of skill caught their eye, and they asked you to join them.
  2. While exploring the rooftops, you stumbled upon a sinister plot, or discovered an opportunity that can be taken advantage of; you convened the group to discuss potential plans.
  3. You want to get out and see the world; joining up with this group seemed a likely route to adventure
  4. You fell in with the group – quite literally! Attempting some acrobatic feat, a support gives way at the worst possible moment; you drop into the midst of the party (landing without injury).

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