Titan Fall : Cypher

Published February 5, 2014 by

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A small and unassuming device, this little trigger calls down a hulking behemoth of metal, synth and rage. Uncontrollable and ruthless, this titan of war is equipped for death and violence on a massive scale. However the eons have not been kind to this machine as it traveled through the void. Rusted and under powered the beast will only be able to function for so long before it finally returns to dormancy. Forever.


Pill, Injection
Bracelet, Crown, Amulet, Ring
Trigger Handle, Button, Control Panel, Visual Marker

The titan is a machine based creature at the cypher’s level + 2 (cannot exceed level 10). Once summoned the titan will use a variety of both ranged and melee weapons to kill anything withing short range of its summoning site. This will include the summoner. If the device that called the titan is moved it will follow and mark the bearer as its prime target. After being summoned, the ancient war machine will remain active for one minute unless the summoning device is destroyed before then.

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