Temporal Shunt : Cypher

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A injector full of liquid nanites.
A necklace with a heavy medallion, or maybe a large harness strapped to your chest.

If the character has just taken some kind of energy damage, then this cypher may be able to save their life. For every point of damage that would have been taken by the character, move them forward in time one round. The device siphons off the energy from the attack to power this effect, thus cancelling out the damage. The character reappears exactly where they disappeared from at the moment the cypher was activated.

2 thoughts on “Temporal Shunt

  1. TT says:

    Its reactive nature makes it seem more of an artefact, you could make it more arbitrary for use as a cypher, (eg: when used it shunts your body X amount of rounds into the past, X being its cypher level, and as such reverses anything that happened to you between that round and this). Although that might have the hilarious consequence of wiping your memory of what happened in those rounds as well.

    1. tskaiser says:

      I would disagree, see page 282 for the Blinking Nodule which is another example of a reactive cypher. More exists.
      This is essentially a temporal variant of the Blinking Nodule which nullifies the damage, but only works once and does not need to be activated.

      The difference between artifacts and cyphers are not in functionality or power, but in how many times they can be activated.

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