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The reality augmenter can come in many forms but typically is an internal use item. When used internally, the effects last for the full duration but when a wearable item, the effects only last so long as the device is worn and thus can be ended early by removing the item.

The reality augmenter is a confusing and often frightening item, but it is often sought out by those that know how to navigate the alien sensoriums it provides, as often one reality filter or another has a useful feature if one can deal with the downsides. Alternatively, many like to use the augmenter offensively, inflicting a sensorium on an opponent to disorientate or confuse them, or even drive them mad.


Pill, Ingestible liquid
Goggles, Helmet, Headband
Ray-emitter, Injector

When activated, the users ability to interpret reality is augmented and overridden, rewritten on the fly into an alternate interpretation of events. The rewriting affects all senses, completely replacing the sensorium of the user. The user typically will not realise they are interpreting the world differently to others because the rewriting filters out any stimulus that may spoil the illusion unless it poses a danger to the user (such as pain, threats of violence, etc).

Roll 1d100 and consult the following for the effects:

1-25 Everyone appears jolly and happy. Everything said to you, and everything you say, is a wish of a happy holiday, or some variation thereof. Snow sparkles on everything and all items and objects appear to be wrapped in colourful paper and are rendered in reds, whites and greens. All creatures look like thin, furry quadrupeds with branching antlers, some of which have red glowing noses and all people appear as fat, rosy-cheeked, elderly folk in red winter-wear lined with white trim. All men appear to have fluffy white beards. Thieves and criminals appear as green, fur covered monsters in similar attire and items you exchange with people you dislike always appear as lumps of coal.
26-40 The whole world is underwater. There is no sky, and no ground, just endless water. Everyone appears as if they had fish tails for legs and understanding speech or hearing any sound is impossible through the bubbly distortions of the deep sea. You feel constantly submersed in water and lightweight though inexplicably you cannot swim up or down. Plants appear as drifting sea-vegetation and all creatures appears as fish. Your sense of smell and taste are greatly enhanced and you can track blood through the watery world for miles by scent alone. Everyone leaves a wake behind them in the water that aids in tracking and following.
41-50 When you look at yourself and feel your own body, you are of the opposite gender. In fact, everyone and everything that has a gender in the world appears as it’s opposite to all of your senses.
51-60 Everything has little red bars floating above their heads. When they are ill, damaged or injured, those bars shrink in size and when they are healed, the bars increase. Various glyphs hover around your hands and when you grasp for them, you cast powerful destructive magics at the thing you are looking at, such as storms of fire or lightning strikes that reduce the target to ash (in actual reality, nothing happens and you just wave your arms at them) and reducing their red bar to zero.
61-70 Living creatures all appear as faceless, silent entities drifting through a foggy expanse. However, inanimate objects all seems to have voices and opinions, conversing freely. Cyphers and artifacts in particular are particularly animated and love to tell tales about their abilities and the adventures they have been in.
71-80 Everyone is naked. In fact, clothes for people no longer seem to exist in the world and any attempt to cover up yourself or others just fades away to transparency. You can see items that were hidden under clothing attached to people. All non-humanoid creatures appear to be wearing immaculately tailored suits, replete with top hats and monocles.
81-100 Nothing makes sense, colours and shapes and incomprehensible, alien sensations bombard you as if you were trapped within a kaleidoscope for each of your senses. It’s simultaneously painful and pleasurable and highly distracting, making all tasks more difficult.

The effects of the device last for a number of hours equal to half the cyphers level, rounded down.

4 thoughts on “Reality Augmenter

  1. ThomasJefferson says:

    oh man. This is my favorite cypher posted here so far. I really like this one.

    1. Aww thanks. Your comical NPC inspired me to have a go at something a little light-hearted as well.

      1. ThomasJefferson says:

        Well I’m glad that we can work off each other. I’m working on an experience based-perception cypher right now that this post stirred me to do. kudos if you can figure out what it is based off of.

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