Jinn Dust : Cypher

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Sealed, inert containers holding fine grains of sand, glass or synth. As the etched warning gylphs in many dialects indicate, the material within is possessed by an active nano-spirit scooped from the wastelands of the Beyond. The trading of such cyphers is often prohibited within more civilized regions, to say nothing of the dangers implicit in scavenging angry ghosts.


Glass jar (thrown, short range), Crystalline vial (touch, immediate)

Spreads in an immediate radius, creating an effect whose duration (in rounds) is equal to the cypher level. Unless stated otherwise, these effects end when the duration expires and only apply within the 3m area. Roll 1d100 for the type of effect:

01–10 Fractal Forgery (creates permanent simulacra of a number of random objects)
11–20 Genitive Swarm (restores points at a rate of 1 point per round, these points do not expire with the effect)
21–30 Machine Control (animates a number of numenera devices, 50% chance they are hostile)
31–40 Static Shunt (scrambles the datasphere, anything relying on the datasphere cannot function)
41–50 Transmission Bleed (overlays the area with illusionary objects/terrain/creatures)
51–75 Radiant Pulse (generates a random dangerous energy, heat/shock/corrosive/cold ect)
76–00 Iron Wind (as , changes caused by this effect are permanent)

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