Instant Chef : Cypher

Published January 9, 2014 by

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A strange, cubic device that destroys itself after use by converting itself into a series of eating utensils.


A 1ft cube of metal with a hinged door

This strange, cubic cypher when activated sprouts metallic legs and arms and finds there nearest forms of food or edible material, regardless of terrain or lighting conditions. It then prepares a delicious meal by opening a door in itself, putting the food inside, shaking violently and smoking. Later, the door opens and out pops a mouth-watering, exquisitely prepared meal made from the ingredients. The cypher converts itself into 1d4 mundane eating utensils, always including a synth plate and potentially other eating utensils. Eating the meal restores the cypher’s level in Might points.

In the event that there is no non-living edible material nearby, the Instant Chef converts itself immediately into 1d4 eating utensils.

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