Impact Multiplier : Cypher

Published January 29, 2014 by

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Charging up makes the sound of crackling electricity and the blow itself is as thunder. Heard for miles in any direction, the impact made by this is truly something no one wants to be on the receiving end of. Doing catastrophic damage to its target, this device focuses all the power and strength of its wielder into an incredibly small point of space and unleashes it forward in a torrent of kinetic energy.


Tattoo, armored gauntlet, glove, silken wrap.

As an action, the PC can charge up the Impact Multiplier, but cannot use it that turn as he is concentrating on controlling the flow of power. For his next action, the PC can spend as many points from his Might Pool as he, or she, wishes. For every point spent, the device will deal double points in damage to the target. In lieu of making a melee attack with this cypher, the PC can opt to smash the air and deliver half of the original damage output to a target at short distance. The melee attack will ignore armor, but the ranged function of the cypher does not.

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