Hookshot : Cypher

Published December 23, 2013 by

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A large, half egg shape with a large spike on the end.  Where the bottom half of the egg should be, there is a U handle with an extra bar in front of the one you would use to hold this.  The second bar moves back and forth and if pulled completely back, activates and fires the spike through silent pressure into whatever the user wants.  Pushing the activation bar back into it’s original position allows the user to be pulled towards wherever the spike has attached.


Handheld Device

This cypher allows for an instantaneous attachment point and a free climb check due to the fact that the user is pulled the entire distance.  There’s very little that’d be too hard for this to climb, as long as there is line of sight to it. If using this in combat, the cypher does its level in Might damage to whatever the PC is aiming at. If the PC likes, they can make a might roll equal to the target creature’s level to have the spike pull the enemy towards them rather than the other way around.

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