Glass-Flame : Cypher

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Most often used as a weapon, this cypher is capable of turning nearly any substance into a brittle, transparent glass. The glass, while transparent, has a multitude of colors in itself and is sought after for its decorative properties. Some might even pay as much as five shins for a morphed object made from it.


A pitcher of a strange, glowing liquid that, when spit back out, produces a roaring, blue flame.
A heavy, metal container strapped to you back with a hose connected to a spraying mechanism.
A small, synth box with several "match sticks" inside with bright, blue heads.

When the cypher is used, it causes an amount of damage equal to its level and makes all speed defense actions of the affected target one step harder. The target is partially, or fully, transmuted into a multi-hued, brittle glass. Whether or not the target is partially or fully transmuted is up to GM discretion. If partially transmuted the affected regions can be shattered on a successful attack dealing the cypher’s level in damage again on top of the normal attack damage. If the target is fully transmuted then it is dead.

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