Cloud Pellet : Cypher

Published January 16, 2014 by

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A very small object, easily hidden within the palm of your hand, the cloud pellet (once broken) will rapidly expel a large cloud of obscuring smoke/mist. The color and thickness of the smoke is random in most cases, but it seems that black smoke is the most common occurence when these cyphers are used.


A small ring with a breakable jewel, or some other kind of jewlery of a similar nature.
A small, pearl sized orb, or a small piece of glass with what seems like moving vapours inside of it.

This cloud spreads out from its origin rapidly, covering an area of roughly 100 square feet. The time its takes to do this is negligible. Any task that requires seeing, locating, or tracking is made two steps more difficult in the cloud. Also, the cloud makes any stealth actions taken while inside of it two steps easier.

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