Content Contest Roundup

Published January 5, 2014 by in Site News

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With submissions for the content contest (type that three times fast) closed, I thought folks might find some of the statistics from the past week and a half interesting. And also, thanks to everyone that took part. As a very special thank you, everyone that contributed to the contest is getting a free copy of Ryan Chaddock’s supplement Celestial Wisdom. I’ll be reaching out to everyone who submitted shortly to get your information.

So, just what did we all generate during this time? Well, how about:

  • 20 new users registered
  • 93 new content items
  • 15 new oddities
  • 26 new mutations
  • 9 new locations
  • 5 new foci
  • 3 new pieces of equipment
  • 11 new creatures and NPCs
  • 11 new descriptors
  • 6 new cyphers
  • 15 new artifacts
  • 3 new articles
  • Site usage month over month went up 55%!
  • 155 votes cast (so far!)

Don’t forget, you can continue to vote for your favorite pieces of content through the end of the month, at which point we’ll determine the winners. So keep on checking everything out and voting up your favorites. And even though the contest is over, keep the great content coming in! Everything we get helps make everyone’s games a little better and a little more colorful, and we’re glad to be able to share it.


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