Brotherhood of the White Flame

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The Brotherhood of The White Flame believes in one thing: The Superiority of Pureblood Humans. They believe that their ability to manipulating the tools of previous ages shows that they (baseline humans) are superior to those who lived in those ages.

Originally part of The Jagged Dream, the Brotherhood of The White Flame splintered off after its leader, Jacques Lopurus, had an encounter with “The White Flame of Purity”. During his dreams he had a vision of a young man in the markets of Qi. This young man turned out to be a Claw of The Hive, and after nearly dying during a fight with this creature Jacques became obsessed with genetic purity. He began talking about eliminating mutation, that “the flames” had led him to that market for a reason. He explained that mutation was evolution gone wrong, and that “the flames” had chosen him to destroy it from this world. Soon he had became almost fanatical about finding and destroying The Hive, and all who were mutated. He was summarily exiled from Jagged Dream along with a few of his followers, these followers became the original members of the Brotherhood.

The White Flame of Humanity will burn away all that is unclean.Jacques Lopurus, Beacon of The White Flame

The Brotherhood of The White Flame works similarly but also very differently then the way The Jagged Dream did. They tend to work in very large cells, about 2 dozen members at the smallest. These cells work towards increasing defenses in the cities they are located in and creating large scale warfare against abhumans and mutants. Their efforts are generally limited to the Steadfast, but they have recently begun to expand into the Beyond. The main difference in operational tactics is that every member of The White Flame must memorize the faces and names of every other member in the entirety of The Ninth World, to ensure that there are no traitors hiding amongst them.

There are two distinguishing features to look for when looking for a Purifier (what the members call themselves), white and yellow clothing, and a tattoo on their forehead. The tattoo for White Flame is related to the members position, either a Candle, a Torch, or a Lantern (Click the links to read more about these positions in Encounters). The tattoos build upon one another, so you can see the older design of the Candle within a Torch’s tattoo, and a Torch within a Lantern’s tattoo. Because of the obvious manner in which they operate, everyone who lives in a White Flame city knows who they are.

Typical White Flame Cell

The typical cell is made up of three Lanterns, a dozen or so Torches, and an equal number of Candles. Each Candle is partnered with a Torch in an apprenticeship style relationship.

You can find out more about the various tiers in their own separate Encounters entry:

Important Members

The most important member is Jacques Lopurus (Level 6). An old friend of Arias Folon (de facto leader of Jagged Dream), he was forced out of Qi when he split from her group, and now lives just outside of The City of Bridges, in a Lighthouse where he runs White Flame. There is also Rudy Thomat (Level 3) his right hand man, and Scarlet Rekson (Level 4) his left hand woman. Rudy is responsible for the Steadfast, Scarlet is responsible for the Beyond.

Member Benefits

To become a member of the Brotherhood of The White Flame one must prove that they are completely pureblood human, and that they are the finest humanity has to offer. Once the trials are completed your membership is all but assured, as failing the trials usually results in death. After becoming a Candle one can choose to gain a special +1 bonus to damage against mutated humans. (The player and the GM can decide whether a particular situation warrants the bonus.) This ability must be chosen in lieu of a new skill.

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