Yarbiri Staff : Artifact

Published April 27, 2015 by

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A bio-mechanical creature greatly resembling a walking staff with a strangely shaped head piece.

The Yarbiri Staff is a kind of “host” for several other creatures that are housed within it. The Staff contains a number of these creatures (called Yarbiri) equal to its level. Yarbiri are insectoid creatures which are able to fly and are about the size of a normal thumb. They are each a level 1, have 1 health and are able to deal 2 point of ambient poison damage through their stingers. The Yarbiri are also able to move a long range each turn. After inflicting damage with their stinger, Yarbiri will die within seconds. The Staff is capable of nurturing another Yarbiri, but a depletion roll must be rolled each time a Yarbiri must be replaced. The artifact does not require a depletion roll to unleash the Yarbiri from inside. The Yarbiri follow the mental commands of the Staff’s wielder.

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