Wrist Launcher : Artifact

Published September 19, 2015 by

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This small metal bracelet was clearly some kind of compact war machine. Bearing both a micro missile launcher for distance strikes, and a flamethrower for when things get up close and personal.


A small metal forearm bracer that is covered in buttons and switches and with two long nozzles extending from the "front" and what appear to be tiny machine hands that fabricate the missile that is to be fired next.
1 in 1d20 (5%)

The user can either use the twin nozzles attached to the front of the bracer to spew flame in a conical form anywhere within immediate range, or they may fire the micro-missile mounted on top of the bracer up to long range. Both actions require the same depletion roll and when one is disabled, so is the other. Both items deal the artifacts level in damage.

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