Wrist Disjointer : Artifact

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This device mostly looks like a bracer or perhaps a broad bracelet. It has four button-like things on it, which are not lit when found. Alternatively the device could be implemented with injection, the buttons glowing below the skin.


Wrist Disjointer
Wrist Disjointer
Bracer, bracelet; injection
1 in 1d20 (5%)

As a character puts the device on, Button 1 will start to glow. Pushing it will light up an energetic glow on a circle around the wrist, together with a stinging pain, which will be gone immediately. The device is now fully attached and cannot be removed easily or without harming the user’s arm.

Button 2 and Button 3 will glow, the first just reversing the action of Button 1. Button three will detach the hand from the arm at the position of the glowing ring. No pain, no bleeding, and the control over the hand will be fully preserved. Thus, it can “walk” and so on. This will need practice and the first few actions should be level 3 speed tasks, gradually reducing it to a level 2 task. Characters can pay 2 XP to get short term training for controlling a detached hand.

Button 4 is now lit on the remaining part of the device still sticking to the arm. Within 10 cm reach, pushing it will drag the hand back to the wrist and connect it, lighting up Buttons 2 and 3 again after it has reattached.

2 thoughts on “Wrist Disjointer

  1. tnfeicht says:

    I have also made a simplistic render. Enjoy 🙂

  2. Chris Gregor says:

    This is awesome! Strange and useful. Well done.

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