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This large weapon can be any kind of heavy weapon or other heavy device and can take many forms. However ‘Trigger Weapon’ universally refers to weapons which takes numeneric charged cartridges to fire pistons, spin blades, or provide a boost of speed to your swing.


This large weapon can be any kind of heavy weapon or other heavy device and can take many forms. However 'Trigger Weapon' universally refers to weapons which takeA large and overly heavy weapon with a large mechanical body, loading mechanism, and trigger.
Cartridge: One Use. Base Weapon: 1d100.

The user must take an action to load a charged cartridge into the weapon. Then by taking another action to pull the trigger as an attack is made, the weapon will deal 6+Artifact Level damage. This attack is made at a -1 roll modifier.

Furthermore the user must choose to make either a might check or a speed check against the Artifact’s Level or be unbalanced next turn (+1 difficulty level penalty to defense actions). With a critical failure the user is knocked prone instead. This unbalance check is part of the same action as the attack and thus subject to the effort limit for single actions.

When the cartridge is depleted the weapon usually acts like a normal heavy weapon. However at GM’s discretion the weapon may not work at all, or may have some other basic function; for example, a shield that fires a piston returns to being a heavy shield, rather than a heavy weapon.

2 thoughts on “Trigger Weapon

  1. XenoSean says:

    I’m still somewhat confused at the description of this item. Is it a very general rules idea for a weapon that could be described in almost any way?

    1. Gelsamel says:

      Yes that is right. For instance this could be for a sword that discharges energy after hitting an enemy and pulling the trigger. Or maybe a shield with a pilebunker built inside of it. Or maybe a scythe with a piston built around the blade that, when activated by the trigger, discharges and makes the blade jolt forward in a chopping motion before retracting to the original position.

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